See what professionals and clients are saying about Erin Crowley.

We are so grateful to Erin. She helped our daughter find her strength, and her sense of hopefulness. She was very supportive of our family.
— Parents of Adolescent Client
I can testify for certain that Erin’s involvement with the kids in her groups and under her care as a counselor was a very big deal, and resulted in many children turning around their 6th grade year. Sometimes you come across someone who you know should be working with kids for the betterment of our world; Erin is one of those people.
— Steve Allen, 6th Grade Teacher
Erin melds clinical skills, organizational expertise, and research-based approaches with ease...She is passionate about the health and well-being of children and they feel her warmth and respect. They enjoy her playfulness, her gentle guidance, and warm “high fives”.
— Jackie James, School Counselor
Erin’s hard work gave us our family back. She helped us understand and relate to our daughter’s autism diagnosis. My daughter was so relived to finally understand what was going on with her, and to not feel so alone.
— Parents of Adolescent Client
Erin is awesome. She helped me be more respectful, and she is so funny.
— Child Client
Erin possesses a great deal of knowledge of counseling theory and is able to apply these effectively into practice. Erin has a very patient manner and exhibits much forethought when assisting her clients. She has worked with culturally and economically diverse populations with a respectful and sensitive approach. I see her as a very adept therapist who is a strong advocate for her clients.
— Annette Oropeza, LCSW